Diabetic Friendly Snack Bar
organic   •   vegan   •   dairy free   •   gluten free   •   soy free  •  prebiotic •  keto-friendly


chocolate coconut.
organic   •   vegan   •   dairy free   •   gluten free   •   soy free  •  prebiotic  •  keto-friendly
salted caramel.
organic   •   vegan   •   dairy free   •   gluten free   •   soy free  •  prebiotic  •  keto-friendly
cherry vanilla.
organic   •   vegan   •   dairy free   •   gluten free   •   soy free  •  prebiotic  •  keto-friendly

Natrueal is a organic, all-natural bar that focuses on maintaining your blood sugar. Each bar contains less than 5 grams of sugar per 45 gram serving [1 bar]. Although this bar is extremely advantageous and healthy for a diabetic, it is also among the healthiest bar choices on the market for all health-conscious consumers.

Natrueal is not just "another bar". Natrueal is a brand that is looking to redefine the foods we consume. The aim of Natrueal is to be the name people can trust, rely on, support, and share. We leave you with these "only's":

  • The only doctor-prescribed diabetic-friendly bar that is also organic.

  • The only nut bar with less than 5 grams of sugar, which is less than 6% of the bar.

  • The only bar on the market that is labeled:
    "Blood Sugar Certified".

Orange County, California

...where it all began.


dr. hall

Natrueal was created by Dr. Hall, an integrative health professional and doctor of chiropractic medicine who specializes in reversing diabetes for insulin-dependent patients. Dr. Hall owns and operates a successful integrative health clinic in Orange County, California. As a young professional, Dr. Hall was able to reverse three autoimmune diseases in herself, in part by changing her diet. She has now made it her life's mission to help patients reverse diabetes through natural methods and views Natrueal as a means to help further this goal.

For this reason, Natrueal was created. Check out a short interview with Dr. Hall, click here. Also a new release from Dr. Hall's latest book The True Diabetes Solution :

The True Diabetes Solution
blood sugar


Due to the growing number of diabetics this bar was developed to maintain optimal blood sugar, during and after eating. New research shows the carbohydrate loaded energy bars on the market today that are geared for athletic and general consumption are not the best choice for the next generation of consumer.

Our bars are generously filled with organic ingredients, and perfectly sweetened, all with no added sugarNatrueal's goal is to provide a healthy snack for your already burdened adrenal system. 

free from

dairy  |  gluten  |  soy

The experienced team behind Natrueal unequivocally understands how to assist people who are working to maintain a targeted blood glucose level during all parts of the hectic day. The team has spent years assisting their patients with sophisticated testing to unveil healthy target levels of glucose in the body, and in conclusion, Natrueal has validated the significance of ones daily intake and the relation to how they feel, how it alters their blood sugar, and most importantly what works! We have combined all-natural, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan ingredients to create the recipes that make up these delicious bars.

made from

Natrueal bars offer the body a chance to equalize its energy levels as nature intended, hence the word combination: NATRUAL, TRUE, AND REAL. It can be a meal replacement bar and an enjoyable snack that the whole family can love. With prebiotic fiber that when eating with standard fiber provides for easy digestion.


You can feel good about giving a Natrueal bar to your children and grandchildren. They will enjoy the fresh variety of flavors without the usual hyperactivity caused by insulin [sugar] surges that can be seen in the consumption of carbohydrate laden energy bars (Ketogenic Bar).

Natrueal is the beginning to a new, healthy way of nutritional snacking.

organic ingredients

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